Inside the LHC

Inside the LHC

Particle physicists study the fundamental particles of the universe and the forces that govern them. They research things like dark matter and anti-matter. They work with mathematical equations and massive machines called particle accelerators.
It all sounds like the stuff of science fiction movies.

The Large Hadron Collider has recently restarted. We want you to imagine…. what will it discover this time?

Check out the Quantum Diaries blog for some thoughts from particle physicists, and a great post by ATLAS physicist Pauline Gagnon on what we hope to achieve at 13TeV

or… we could go back a step. Let’s talk about the theory of everything.

and of course, there is the Higgs boson. Explained here with cherries.

There’s a lot more inspiring stuff out there…
Dark matter explained

and then there’s this guy: